Welcome to WindLift

WindLift, LLC was founded in April of 2006 to develop wind power technologies that will reduce the cost and pollution of mobile petroleum generators. The company moved to Durham, NC in 2008 and is testing our latest designs near Kitty Hawk, NC.


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  1. Rob TV spot looked great – “Hawk” is looking like a champ.

  2. This is a remarkable business idea with great potential to help future generations and those in need today. Great vision, congratulations!

  3. Looking good Rob, when can I get one ?

  4. Rob – the video is great, looks like the concept is making a lot of progress! Glad to be witnessing the idea’s development

  5. We hope to have a beta version of the pumping machine for sale next January. We will announce here on the website details on how to get your own WindLift pumping machine when they are available.

  6. Hello Robert,

    As an avid kitesurfer, inventor, and web designer, I must say well done! I am working on a wind alert system now and would love to talk to you about helping on your project.

    From engineering, investing, to web design/applications, I really would like to help. I believe in what you are doing.

    Thank you,
    Sean Hynes

  7. Rob, the sites looking great!

  8. please send info

    see http://www.energyxperts.biz

  9. […] WindLift LLC is trying to develop kites that harness wind energy. […]

  10. Is this a part time company, or are you doing this full time?

  11. I am doing this half-time (i.e. 12 hours/day). Unfortunately, I need to sleep, eat, and kite-board.

  12. I think you have a fine idea and hope the story I am telling here will help you keep going.

    I was in elementary school in Newport News VA. There was this guy who people thought was kind of crazy who on weekends was flying these funny kites out in back of my school.

    They were funny looking trianglular things made from some sort of flexible foil-like stuff. He used a shortened fishing rod and reel to handle those little kites. And he would get then up several thousand feet into the air where and us kids would wonder at this man looking through his binoculars at his neat kites so far up in theair that they might get hit by a passing airplane.

    If you haven’t figured it put yet. the man’s name was Rogallo and he was inventing the parafoil and the bat kite in his spare time. The funny foil was some of the newly invented mylar aluminized fabric.

    I understand that for a dozen years or so he got $1.00 for each bat kite sold in the world and he gave the US government free use of his invention.

    Please continue to be inspired by your vision and don’t worrry if some of the people around you think you are a bit “odd.”

  13. Hi Robert –

    What a great idea! We’d love to help you with your marketing initiatives. Designworks is a small nimble marketing services agency that’s gone through green business certification through the County of Santa Clara, CA and we are focused on helping green technology firms successfully market their products and services to the masses. Check us out at http://www.design-works.com and web design and flash animation work we’ve done for another green tech company at http://www.ecospheretech.com

  14. Long live WindLift kite engine.
    We are now fully integrating your good workds:

  15. Rob,

    I read an email from Dave Santos that appears to be saying that your company would like to host a number of other companies — presumably mine as well — that would apply for grants from NIST under an umbrella that your company would provide. Is that true. It is my intent to make tethered wing arrays with autopilots that will be able to extract power from winds about 400m above the ground that corresponds to the peak energy density of low level jets that pass over the Great Plains. Let me know if I can participate as well, and if so how? Dave Santos has been the king of the micro kites. I wish to be king of mammoth autopiloted kites where they and their development processes are made dirt cheap and yet aerodynamically efficient.

    Nice to contact you Robert. I’ve heard you name come and go regularly lately.

    I was the Project Leader at the Flight Research Institute (FRI) which was a non-profit offshoot of Boeing. I lead a team that consisted of the retiree Chief of Product Development at Boeing and a retired Supervisor of Engineering at Boeing. We developed concepts whereby man will one day be able to fly without fuel by tacking in the air alone with an inflated wing at high altitude faster moving air tethered to a wing at low altitude in slower moving air. We also developed concepts whereby windpower could one day be harnessed from the heart of low level jets at 400mm above the ground in the Great Plains. At that height they would be able to tap into winds that are about 5 times more powerful that the largest and most powerful wind turbines can today. There are many other applications for this tethered wing technology, but I will not go into that now.

    I look forward to hearing from you directly.

    I wish you and your organization well.

    Kind regards,
    Wayne German

  16. Robert, Great work you have been doing. There’s a group out here around Santa Cruz called kitecycle you might contact. They take the old kites people no longer want and cut them up & make bags. Talk to a lady named Lydia. I think your idea would be a better use for them. I am not a kiteboarder myself but have shot a lot of video footage and know a lot of the people who kiteboard or fly kites in the bay area. My interest in kiting is only because of my interest in alternative energy which I have studied personally for the last 7 years. Anyway best of luck. Fred

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