Bootstrapping 101

June 17, 2007 at 11:25 am | Posted in General | 3 Comments

Ever since my first child, William Hawkins Creighton, was born on May 31, and we took out the second mortgage on our house to fund WindLift I find I am developing a different relationship with money. In my life money has always been a tool to get things done, not an end in and of itself. This is perhaps why I have so little money in savings, and had to take out a second mortgage. Now that I am sleep deprived, and worried about gassy babies and the cost of diapers, healthcare (5 visits to doctor in 2 weeks for a healthy baby!), etc. I am starting to appreciate the idea of saving money for emergencies/college/etc. Before now I have never valued money for its “store of value” function. I have changed! Call me a greedy businessman if you will, but I have decided that having a fat portfolio of liquid assets wouldn’t be such a terrible thing.

In light of this I have been poking around for ultra-low cost methods of making WindLift a viable business. In the age of broadband internet, knowledge is becoming more a matter of asking the right questions, formatting your boolean search terms, and sheer luck than hard won investigation. In this case WordPress hooked me up with just what I needed.

The web is your friend Or How we set up a non-profit by the seat of our pants

Of course I am setting up a for-profit entity, but the tools described here are going to save me some serious dollars. Remember I am designing, prototyping, and manufacturing a product that requires more than just a webpage… but to raise the money I need I will need a web presence.

This blog has a great list of killer tools for getting the word out.


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  1. Good luck in your endeavors…I can tell you, it’s only going to get cheaper and easier, the hard part is the publicity. Wish that was the easy part.

  2. Thanks Scott,

    It has been a huge challenge even getting the idea out there. Congratulations on the success of your non-profit. I love what you guys are doing at Friends & RPCV’s of Guynana. Keep up the good work!

  3. Rob, it’s amazing to see how far you’ve progressed with the idea in just two years! Keep up the good work!

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